Project Manager: Cathy Pountney

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With the release of Visual FoxPro 9 SP2, creating reports in VFP 9 became much more powerful. We now have the ability to create custom features that can be used over and over again on numerous reports. For example, would you like the ability to easily add a watermark to reports? How about the ability to dynamically reduce the font on long text so it fits within a narrow column? The possibilities are endless and no one developer can create them all. Cathy Pountney’s  new reporting framework and set of utilities allows each of us to create our own custom features as well as share them which lets us tap into the wealth of ability the FoxPro Community has to offer.

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Project Developer Version Released Description
FXPOUNTNEY Cathy Pountney 0.05 09/26/2010 Graphic watermarks, Text watermarks, and Reduce Font
TEST1 John Doe 1.00 09/26/2010 Super duper special feature
TEST2 Mary Smith 1.00 09/26/2010 Awesome special feature
TEST3 *YOU* 1.00 09/26/2010 First custom report feature