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VFPX Project Page: Data Explorer 3

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The Visual FoxPro 9 Data Explorer is a very extensible tool to manage data from Visual FoxPro, SQL Server, and any other ODBC or OLE-DB compliant database. You can create various features of the Data Explorer:

1. Query and Data Result Add-ins
2. Right-click menu items displayed for a node
3. Control drag/drop operations to code windows

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File Developer Version Released Description

(contained in a ZIP file)

Rick Schummer 1.0 08/27/2012 Copy Column List to Clipboad (VFP/SQL/ADO)

Modify Database (VFP)

Display ShowPlan (DBC)

Run Query Query Editor

Run Query Results Exporter.

TBD 1.00
TBD 1.00
TBD *YOU* 1.00